Fergie slammed over ‘worst ever’ national anthem

Fergie at the Staples Centre yesterday.

Los Angeles
Seems people were not feeling Fergie’s patriotic spirit at this year’s NBA All-Star-Game.
The 42-year-old songstress was heavily mocked for her rendition of the national anthem at yesterday’s game at Los Angeles’ Staples Centre.
Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel and others in the stadium could be seen snickering while Fergie put her spin on the song and even athletes were seen getting in a few laughs.
To make matters worse, Beyonce was also in attendance at the stadium. She had been criticised for singing over a pre-recorded version of the national anthem at Barack Obama’s second inauguration only to wow journalists when she sang it at the Super Bowl press conference in 2013.
“The worst rendition ever” was quickly labelled on Twitter by those who could not believe that the fergalicious songbird chose to sing the Star-Spangled Banner in such a way.
“Fox News reminds its audience that the murder of our beloved national anthem by #Fergie happened under the FBI’s watch,” Marie Connor said.
Chynna Jeremiah shared a gif of a character from Bob’s Burger and said: “#Fergie sounded like the lady who sings oil spill from bobs burgers.”
One user noticed: “Not only is Steph Curry on twitter during the #NBA AllStar game, but he’s liking tweets about how bad Fergie was (crying face emojis).”
Britni Danielle added a gif of President Donald Trump and chimed: “Let’s be real, #Fergie gave the US the anthem it deserves right now. I mean you see who the president is, right?”
It was an eventful NBA All-Star Game that saw many not too thrilled with comedian Kevin Hart’s strange opener that ran longer than 15 minutes.
He even cracked awkward one-liners after almost every player’s introductions. It was the perfect add on, however, to Fergie’s performance.
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