Turnbull’s rating plunges


Malcolm Turnbull’s rating as the best person to lead the Liberal Party has dived 17 points since taking the leadership in 2015.
The latest Essential poll shows 25% of voters rating Turnbull as best to lead the Liberals, followed by his deputy Julie Bishop on 20%.
The prime minister’s leadership rating peaked at 42% in December 2015 as he settled into the top job.
Former leader Tony Abbott was rated the better person for the job by 10% of voters, well above cabinet minister Peter Dutton on 3% but below “someone else” on 13%.
One in four voters declined to express a view.
Bill Shorten’s favourability rating came in at 20%, with Anthony Albanese and Tanya Plibersek sharing second place on 13% and one in three voters declining to express a view.
Shorten’s figure was seven points down on his peak in July 2016, when Labor almost unseated the coalition government at the election.
The poll gave Labor a 52-48 two-party preferred lead over the coalition.
Health, housing affordability, jobs and national security topped the list of issues of greatest concern to voters.
Improving the health system sat at the top of the list, with 42% of voters putting it in their top three issues which need addressing over the next year.
Housing affordability, reducing employment and national security were next in ranking.
Asked about four-year fixed terms for federal parliament for which Labor is seeking bipartisan support 58% of voters approved while 24% were opposed. AAP

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