Hanson scolded for ‘racist rant’


Pauline Hanson has been scolded for a “racist rant” against Muslims, and told she does not deserve her seat in federal parliament.
Labor frontbencher Senator Doug Cameron was due to speak about homelessness following a speech by Hanson yesterday, but changed his mind, insisting it was important he challenged her “racist nonsense”.
The One Nation leader, fresh from announcing she would move to refer one of her own senators to the High Court over his eligibility, launched a tirade against Muslim Australians in the Senate.
She accused major political parties of hiding evidence of high unemployment and social welfare dependence among Muslims.
Instead of working or joining the defence force, Muslims preferred to “fight for Isil in Syria and Iraq”.
“Australian Muslims are a significant drain on the public purse,” she told parliament.
She accused Labor of selling its soul for the Muslim vote.
“A small but fast growing group opposed to our way of life is bending Labor to its will.”
Cameron said Muslims made contributions that Hanson would never make. Her “rubbish speech” risked the cohesion of Australian society, he said, calling for her to apologise.
“That racist speech, that speech that will divide Australia, and make us a poorer nation,” he told parliament.
“You do not deserve to be in here, running that sort of racist nonsense.
“Muslims make contributions to this country that you will never make.”

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