Aust minister clears air over citizenship


Michael Keenan has rejected reports he is the latest Turnbull government minister to run foul of the citizenship row.
The justice minister took to social media this morning to insist he renounced his British citizenship in 2004 and before he entered parliament.
“I am an Australian citizen and I do not hold citizenship of any other country,” he tweeted.
Fairfax Media had reported Keenan may be a British citizen courtesy of his father Peter, who was born in England in 1943 and emigrated to Australia, where he married.
Immigration Minister Peter Dutton defended his colleague.
“Michael Keenan has been very clear about his status,” he told reporters in Canberra. “Frankly I don’t know why it is being traversed.”
Dutton batted away questions about a broader audit of all MPs by saying the coalition is focused on national security, border protection and the economy.

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