‘Drowning’ US run by an idiot: IS


Isis has directly addressed American citizens and claimed the country is drowning and “being run by an idiot”.
In the first official remarks by the group referring to Donald Trump since he assumed office, spokesman Abi al-Hassan al-Muhajer unloaded on the president.
“America you have drowned and there is no saviour, and you have become prey for the soldiers of the caliphate in every part of the earth, you are bankrupt and the signs of your demise are evident to every eye,” he said in the statement released yesterday.
“There is no more evidence than (that) you being run by an idiot who does not know what Syria or Iraq or Islam is.”
The statement continued: “Die of spite America, die of spite, a nation where both young and old are racing to die in the name of God will not be defeated.”
The first comments directly about Trump were released after he spent much of his campaign talking up his ability to immediately defeat the group.
United States-backed forces are currently fighting to retake Islamic State’s two biggest cities Mosul in Iraq and Raqqa in Syria.
The president is examining ways to accelerate the American-led coalition’s campaign that US and Iraqi officials have deemed largely successful in uprooting Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria.
The loss of Mosul, Isis’s last major stronghold in Iraq, would deal a major defeat to the terrorist group.
US and Iraqi officials are preparing for smaller battles after the city is recaptured and expect the group to go underground to fight as a traditional insurgency.
The statement was released just one day after Trump topped a “kill-list” released by a pro-Isis hacker group.
The United Cyber Caliphate posted a video over the weekend in which they threatened the US and Trump while also revealing their full new “list.”
The list included both the names and addresses of 8786 Americans.
“Kill them wherever you find them,” said the UCC in their message according to Site Intelligence Group.
“We have a message to the people of the US and most importantly your President Trump,” the group says at the start of the message.
“Know that we continue to wage war against you. Know that your counter attacks only make us stronger. The UCC will start a new step in this war against you. So expect us soon Insha Allah!”
This is not the first time that UCC has released a kill list, with this now becoming a common practice for the group.
It comes after a top commander branded Trump a “complete maniac” last year, and said his “utter hate” towards Muslims would help the terror group.
Abu Omar Khorasani, who heads up the terror group in Afghanistan, said Trump’s shock election victory would be used to recruit disaffected youths in the west.
Jihadists plan to use Trump as a propaganda tool to rally thousands of new fighters and inspire terror attacks across the world.
“This guy is a complete maniac,” Khorasani said.
“His utter hate towards Muslims will make our job much easier because we can recruit thousands.”
Khorasani described President Barack Obama as a moderate infidel with at least a little brain in comparison to Trump.
He added: “Our leaders were closely following the US election but it was unexpected that the Americans will dig their own graves and they did so.” AP-Reuters