Christchurch continues to rebuild seven years on


Christchurch continues to rebuild and pick up the pieces seven years on from a devastating earthquake with the population, jobs and housing on the mend.
Statistics New Zealand released a report yesterday ahead of the seventh anniversary of the quake, looking at Canterbury’s rebuild through the lens of data.
Christchurch was left severely damaged when the February 22, 2011, shook the city and claimed the lives of 185 people.
In the seven years to September 2017 more than 36,400 homes have been consented up more than 10,000 when compared with the seven years before the earthquakes, Statistics NZ said.
Canterbury’s building costs and rents have risen faster than in other parts of the country building a new home, excluding land, rose 52% which can be compared to a 40% growth nationally.
While in the eight years to September 2017, rents rose 18% in Canterbury, although this was the same rise as experienced nationally.
The population took a dive after the quake and fell more than 20,000 by June 2012. The city’s population returned to pre-earthquake levels only in 2017
six years after the earthquake.
Following an initial fall in the number of jobs in the year after the 2011 earthquake, between September 2012 and September 2017 there were nearly 50,000 more people in work in Canterbury.
Many of the jobs were in construction, retail, and accommodation.

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