Cat owner faces big bill for shot pet


One of two cats shot at point-blank range in Auckland is slowly dying of poisoning after x-rays show bullets are embedded in its bowel.
Misty, the eight-month-old tortoiseshell, is recovering at home after being shot in Papakura on August 3.
Its owner, Eden McCann, originally thought the bullets had missed Misty’s vital organs. However, an examination by a vet has revealed the bullets were not in its stomach, but the bowel.
“She is slowly getting poisoned, and will need a $5000 specialist surgery by Monday or she will need to be put down. The vet she has been seeing said they can try do the surgery for $1000 as they are not specialists and cannot guarantee that she will live.”
Misty was one of two cats shot recently. Richie, a domestic short-hair from Beachlands, was shot twice in the leg and once in the chest on July 29.
The chest injury caused blood and air to leak from its lungs and put him at risk of death.
The cat needed to be given
oxygen to help it breathe, intravenous fluids, pain relief and antibiotics.
Ms McCann said she could not afford Misty’s $5000 surgery but would stump up the $1000 and “hope like hell” that it worked.
Misty had been in a large amount of pain recently and been to the vet about six times.
Ms McCann had been to the council and police, but was yet go to the SPCA. The vet is offering a reward to catch the shooters.

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