Residents shaken as teens wreak havoc


More than 20 police converged on a suburban Auckland street last night after youths leaving a party marauded through the suburb, vandalising cars and property.
It is understood the youths were attending a party at the Mount Albert Senior Citizens Hall on New North Road prior to the rampage.
After they left the venue, some youths smashed car windows and wing mirrors, entered properties and damaged other vehicles and left residents annoyed and shaken.
Some took to Facebook to share their experiences.
“Dramas on Kitenui last night,” said one woman.
“Not sure of circumstances but a large group of young people being marched up the road by 20+ police and cars.
“As they were going past they smashed car windows and a couple of wing mirrors… if you were out last night and your car was damaged that is why.”
Another woman said the fracas started at the hall and “got out of hand”.
Police confirmed they were called to New North Road at 10.45pm after reports of around 50 people fighting inside a hall.
There were up to 300 people at an event in the hall.
“There were various incidents of disorder that broke out, and police worked to shut down the party,” said a police spokeswoman.
She said there were no major injuries and at least six people were arrested.
NZME-New Zealand Herald

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