Bizarre killing 25 years ago

Twenty-fi ve years ago this month, Wairarapa Times-Age chief reporter DON FARMER was driving to work from his home in Greytown on a quiet Saturday morning. Passing through Carterton he noticed a small cottage on High Street South had been badly damaged by an overnight fi re. Little did he know then that his inquiry of Carterton fi re chief Doug Hoy a few minutes later would eventually reveal a story of a ritualistic, satanic killing. He looks back on the bizarre events surrounding the death of Lou Tawhai, and the subsequent High Court trial that captivated the country.


Carterton firefighters would never in a million years have expected to find what they discovered on answering a fire call in the early hours of August 15, 1992. A neighbour of Lou and Huia Tawhai had heard what she thought were gunshots, but on stepping outside saw the windows of the Tawhai cottage exploding, as […]

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