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Weather worries speedway

Organisers of the New Zealand Stockcar Championships to be staged at Greenstone Park at Cobden this coming weekend are praying for a break after the terrible summer weather claimed the iconic Kumara Gold Nuggets race meeting due to be held on Saturday.

P addict crash almost hits child

A 'P' addict lost control of his vehicle while speeding across the Cobden Bridge, crashing down a bank and straight into the motorhome park, narrowly missing a three-year-old child playing outside.

Rugby park to be renamed John Sturgeon Park

Rugby Park, the home of West Coast rugby since 1931, is to be renamed John Sturgeon Park to honour the local rugby stalwart and former All Blacks manager.

Tanker just misses river

A fully-laden diesel tanker has a small culvert to thank for stopping it plunging over the bank into the Grey River after a collision with a car on the Blackball-Taylorville Road just after 8am today.

Shrinking glaciers

Glaciologists including Dr Brian Anderson, of Ross, on their annual snowline survey. Video courtesy Niwa.

Love Greymouth? Town fights back

Greymouth people are fighting back after their town took a bruising in national media because of the rundown look of the central business district.

Man stuck on Otira rock shelter

A crane with a basket attached was called from Greymouth at lunchtime today to rescue a man who had been stuck on top of the steep Reid Falls flume for hours, with fears that he could slip over the 100m sheer drop into the riverbed below.

Drug helicopter hones in

The spectacle of the police annual cannabis recovery operation continues on the West Coast this week, with many residents experiencing a low-flying helicopter in the neighbourhood.

Dangerous lifejackets traded in

Wellington It was a case of out with the old, unsafe lifejackets and in with new, modern ones this summer. The 10-week Old4New Lifejacket Upgrade, run by Coastguard New Zealand, led to 3000 old or obsolete lifejackets traded in by boaties from 55 communities for new Hutchwilco versions. "Many of the lifejackets that were traded in were unusable to the point of...

Smokefree prisoners relapse

Wellington Prisoners who quit cigarettes while in prison do not get the support to stay smokefree once they are released, according to new research. A team of medical students from the University of Otago conducted a study, which showed that many prisoners relapse after release, and the results have been published in the New Zealand Medical Journal. The findings are in line...
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