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Prince Charles donates to Westport flood relief

News of the Westport flood even reached the ear of Prince Charles, who has pledged a donation to the flood relief fund.

Coasters should have two weeks’ worth of groceries

West Coast communities should be prepared to fend for themselves for a fortnight, when the Alpine Fault ruptures, according to a leading geologist.

Another hotel to be demolished

One of the last remaining traditional hotels in Greymouth is set for demolition.

Revingtons site under offer

The former Revingtons Hotel site at the entrance to the Greymouth central business district is under offer, with the prospective new owners understood to have plans to develop it.

Bowel screening tests in the post

The lives of ten West Coasters a year could be saved by a bowel screening project set to start next week.

Monteith’s plans to move production off Coast

DB Breweries is proposing to close its Monteith's brewing operation in Greymouth, with the loss of seven jobs, the Greymouth Star understands.

O’Connor in; Pugh out

The West Coast is back to having just one MP and a lone voice fighting to he heard in Wellington, with National's Maureen Pugh today conceding she is unlikely to make it back in on the list.

Weather worries speedway

Organisers of the New Zealand Stockcar Championships to be staged at Greenstone Park at Cobden this coming weekend are praying for a break after the terrible summer weather claimed the iconic Kumara Gold Nuggets race meeting due to be held on Saturday.

P addict crash almost hits child

A 'P' addict lost control of his vehicle while speeding across the Cobden Bridge, crashing down a bank and straight into the motorhome park, narrowly missing a three-year-old child playing outside.

Rugby park to be renamed John Sturgeon Park

Rugby Park, the home of West Coast rugby since 1931, is to be renamed John Sturgeon Park to honour the local rugby stalwart and former All Blacks manager.
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