Laura Mills


Woman killed in 100m fall

An Australian woman fell up to 100m to her death in a tragic abseiling accident near Temple Basin yesterday afternoon. The woman in her 30s...

Time’s up for Greymouth museum

Greymouth's pop-up museum -- which only opened at Christmas -- will have to find a new home by the end of June when the...

Wheels fall off bid for Development WC to takeover Tourism WC

The wheels are falling off a plan for Development West Coast to absorb Tourism West Coast functions, with all three mayors raising a raft...

Love Greymouth? Town fights back

Greymouth people are fighting back after their town took a bruising in national media because of the rundown look of the central business district.

Visitors hear rock shelter tourist’s cries for help

Tourists who stopped at the Otira Gorge lookout yesterday and heard a German tourist's barely audible calls for help had saved his life, police...

Man stuck on Otira rock shelter

A crane with a basket attached was called from Greymouth at lunchtime today to rescue a man who had been stuck on top of...

Stickers on letterboxes – sinister or innocent?

Police are keeping an open mind on a rash of star stickers randomly plastered on letterboxes inland from Hokitika in the past few days.
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