West Coast hotel badly damaged by Cyclone Ita

Picture: Mary Trayes

An old Australian hotel, possibly named after West Coast goldminers, was badly damaged by Cyclone Ita at the weekend.
The West Coast Hotel, in Cookstown, lost its roof and “sustained extensive damage”, The Australian news website reported.
The hotel is reportedly named after this region, after goldminers left here for Cookstown when the easy gold ran out.
Dave Austin, who was sleeping in the pub when the roof was torn off, said he heard a “rip” about 1am.
“Then we heard this tin sliding, then the rain started coming in. Not everywhere, but in some parts. We all got wet, but not soaking,” he told The Australian.
The old Grey River Argus newspaper carried regular reports on the Cookstown goldrush, also called the Palmer rush.
Runanga woman Mary Trayes said she had a book, published in 1935, which also said the hotel was named after the West Coast of New Zealand goldrush.