Tuberculosis case in Westland

By Laura Mills

A Westland resident has tested positive for tuberculosis (Tb), but Community and Public Health says there is no wider health risk.
Medical officer of health Dr Cheryl Brunton said she could not be more specific about where the person lived so as not to identify them.
However, she said they had the human form of the disease, not the bovine form, and were not infectious.
“There is no public health risk.”
The figures for 2013 are not yet available, but in 2012 there was only one case of Tb on the Coast. Nationally, there were 297, and three died.
There was also another case of legionnaires on the Coast last month, and a handful before Christmas, Dr Brunton said.
Although many of the cases stem from potting mix, she confirmed some on the Coast came from a spa pool. The disease liked moist environments, and could also come from hot water systems.
“You don’t get it from people, you get it from the environment.”
Most infections on the West Coast ended up with the person being hospitalised, Dr Brunton said.