Shoplifters land in hot water

By Nicholas McBride

Two women who stole from The Warehouse in Greymouth yesterday ended up getting in a lot more trouble than they had bargained for.
About 9am the pair were spotted running from the store with a bag of items they had stolen. They ran to a getaway car driven by a man, who was waiting for them in the car park and then drove off.
However, a witness recorded the registration number of the car and police responded to the registered owner’s address in Runanga. Two women fitting the description of the thieves were found there, along with a number of items allegedly stolen from the shop.
While police were questioning the women, a smell of cannabis was evident and upon searching the house, officers located five cannabis plants growing and a quantity of dried cannabis.
A 23-year-old Runanga woman was arrested and charged with shoplifting, obstructing police and cultivating cannabis. A 26-year-old woman from Inangahua was also arrested and charged with shoplifting and possession of cannabis.
Both will appear in the Greymouth District Court on May 14.