Schools bite of  f what they can chew

Picture: Julian Lee

What is the sound of 100 children biting into an apple at the same time? It is like a giant eating an enormous apple — much louder than you would think. Kaniere School children took part in a world record challenge on Friday afternoon to take out the elusive record of the most people eating an apple simultaneously. Hokitika Primary School and St Mary’s Primary School also participated in the publicity stunt by the apple marketer ENZA to promote healthy eating and raise money for Kidscan, a charity for disadvantaged New Zealand children. On Friday, at 2.13pm, 60 New Zealand primary schools from Kaitaia to Dunedin — collectively more than 18,000 pupils — took part in The Big Crunch. It appears New Zealand managed to break the record, which was previously held by a group of schools in Michigan in the United States with 9329 students participating.