Satellite shop on horizon

By Janna Sherman

As owners of the Hokitika Video Ezy store prepare to close its doors a satellite shop is being planned to open in its place.
Hokitika and Greymouth franchise owner Andrew Pretty said the transition would take effect by the end of the month.
The Revell Street business has been winding down since the start of March with all four staff finding new employment and about half of its stock now sold.
Some newer titles would continue to offered at the planned satellite store, which will operate from another Hokitika business, and is expected to be operational shortly.
“We are not pulling out of Hokitika completely,” he said yesterday.
“We have a lot of loyal customers that we want to continue to look after.”
Mr Pretty, who brought the Hokitika franchise six years ago said the timing was now right to move on.
It had not been an easy decision.
“It was extremely hard. We had staff to consider and a lot of loyal customers. It wasn’t a decision we made lightly,” he said.
“We had it on the market a couple of times over the last few years and it hasn’t sold. The lease was up for renewal and it was time. Time for us to move on.”
Mr Pretty said on-line movie buying and downloading had impacted on business in recent years. However, it was still viable.
“Technology is affecting every business. Anything you can buy on-line is going to impact on a store.”
The business had an asking price of just $60,000 — which included all stock as well as security and point of sale systems.
“It’s a shame no-one brought the store because there is still a business to be had there.”
Mr Pretty said while the location of its satellite store had not been confirmed negotiations were underway and it was expected to be open by April 1.