Rep rugby player gets home-D for pub assault


A representative West Coast rugby player who kicked an unconscious Reefton man so hard that his head whipped back and rebounded off a wall, was sentenced in the Greymouth District Court to 10 months’ home detention and 100 hours of community work.
Kevin Moore seriously assaulted David Older during a fight at the Inangahua Arms Hotel, in Reefton on July 3.
Older had initially attacked Moore, punching him three times in the head. Moore then retaliated with six or seven punches to Older’s head, while holding him by the shirt. When he let go, Older fell unconscious to the floor and Moore kicked him three times in the face with such force that his head “whipped back” and rebounded off the nearby wall, leaving him lying on the ground with blood running out of his mouth.
Moore also kicked Older in the stomach before the hotel owner, Murray Lee, restrained him and pushed him out of the bar. Moore told Lee he agreed it was wrong, but that he had been punched first.
The fight began after the two men argued over a previous incident.
Older had had to be taken to Christchurch Hospital where he underwent two operations to repair his jaw, and for a titanium plate and screws to be inserted. He later pleaded guilty to assault for his part in the fight.
Moore initially contested the charges, electing a jury trial for the case to be heard. However, mid-trial he changed his plea and admitted the charges on the advice of the judge.