Reefton punter oblivious to $2m Lotto win

By Laura Mills

The Reefton Lotto winner with a ticket worth $2 million only realised they had won when their ticket was checked
in-store this morning.
The first division ticket was sold by This That and Lotto, formerly called Broadway Stationery and Gizmos. Before it was claimed, staff had their fingers crossed it was purchased by a local.
Jackie Thomsen, who runs the store with Ross Moore, revealed at lunchtime the ticked had now been claimed.
The winner was “totally unaware” until their ticket was checked at the counter.
Mrs Thomsen arrived at work just as the person got the good news. Staff are limited in what they can say, but she said the winner was “pretty much in shock”.
She can not say if the winner is from Reefton, although the ticket was sold and checked there.
When asked to reveal the store’s lucky secret, she said: “If we could, we would”.
Lotto winnings from tickets sold at the Reefton store throughout its history total in the “tens of millions”.
Previous wins include $10.6m in 2011, $10.6m in Big Wednesday, and $6.1m in 2008 by local resident Harry Wilson.
Mr Wilson said at the time he told one person about his win and within about 10 minutes the whole town knew about it.
Lotto confirmed today the Reefton store had, over the years, sold seven division one winners, a Big Wednesday first division winner and a Winning Wheel top prize.