Punakaiki seawall breached

By Laura Mills

The Punakaiki seawall, breached by waves, will be inspected once the rough seas which have pounded the coastline this week die down.
The king tides resulted in water running down into the gardens of houses about noon yesterday.
Stones were also thrown up, prompting a Buller District Council clean-up.
West Coast Regional Council engineer Wayne Moen was in the town at noon yesterday, and said the tide peaked an hour later at 3.2m.
He said the protective wall appeared to be intact, but he would check it at low tide when the rough seas had abated.
“It’s holding up pretty well.”
A couple of front fences made of tin, and designed to stop water running into gardens, had been buckled, he said.
However, he was not aware of the water getting into any houses.
The council does annual surveys at Punakaiki — the most recent cross section found the beach had eroded only slightly at the Meybille Street end to the south, but had built up to the north, right through and past the camping ground.
The council is also monitoring Hokitika, where the seas have claimed the Soroptimist’s shelter on the front.