Pedestrian crossing campaign

By Nicholas McBride

Arnott Heights residents hope to convince the Grey District Council to install a pedestrian crossing in the hillside Greymouth suburb, but in the meantime one resident has painted one of their own.
The renegade safety crossing did not impress the authorities, however, and this morning it was hosed off by contractors.
Line Low, who lives nearby in Stirling Drive, was pleased to see that someone had taken the initiative to hand-paint a crossing on the roadway.
With a children’s park just across the road, Miss Low said they needed a safe way for children to cross the road.
Arnott Heights area was also notorious for “boy racers” in the past.
“We’re talking about road safety, we’re talking about children,” she said.
The issue was raised at a neighbourhood barbecue last week — and then on Saturday evening the crossing suddenly appeared.
Miss Low, who has two young children, said she already noticed people were slowing down since the faux-crossing was painted.
“The thing is, it’s working.”
She now hoped to convince the council to make an official crossing.
A petition has also been started and as of yesterday it had 111 names in support.
Miss Low said they would be taking the petition to the council before the end of the week in the hope of getting the project put into next year’s budget.