Novices reap rewards

By Viv Logie

Jo Smith never thought she would join the gym let alone win a medal for body sculpturing.
However, that is exactly what she has achieved. Smith decided to take up bodybuilding to do something for herself as she was fast approaching 50.
So off to Fat Max’s Gym she went and started 27 weeks of training for the South Island bodybuilding event, and for 20 of those weeks she was training six days a week.
“I needed a lot of willpower and dedication to pull it off and when a got second I got an awesome buzz, especially as I was up against girls half my age,” she smiled.
Her personal trainer, Marty Greaney, helped inspire Smith to reach her goals.
She was never a big woman, but her weight dropped from 65kg to 53kg as she was readying herself for competition.
“When I was on stage I was so proud — I felt like a star.”
Smith admitted that in the competition she had to wear high heels — something strange to her, so to enable her to walk confidently she spent days doing her housework in her stilettos.
De Goldi began her training on January 1 and the 22-year-old civil engineer, who is studying for her bachelor of engineering civil degree, spent many hours watching lectures as she was working out on the treadmill.
“That was the only way I could fit it all in.”
De Goldi is keen to head to the nationals and is on the lookout for a sponsor to help get her there.