New website for new Coast mothers launched


A maternity website for West Coast mothers has been launched, with everything from information on local midwives to pictures of the birthing suite at Grey Base Hospital.
The site was been developed by Andreas Urban and Vicki Piner as another way for the West Coast District Health Board to reach pregnant women.
In an era when many women have a smartphone, mountains of information is now available at the touch of a button.
“When we were born in McBrearty in the 1960 our fathers paced patiently,” DHB maternity quality safety co-ordinator Dr Lesa Freeman
“There are no photos of our births. Now details are entered electronically and photos uploaded within minutes.”
As well as lots of information on West Coast midwives — including photos of them — there is information on carseat hire, and even what to bring to hospital.
It also has links to other websites and West Coast support groups.