New sergeant moving on

By Brendon McMahon

Hokitika policewoman Nerida Manson is moving on up the ranks and over the hill.
The newly promoted sergeant Manson has spent her entire police career on the West Coast, but early next month she will transfer to Timaru.
Born and raised in Hokitika, the idea of joining the police first took root when she was 11 and attending Westland High School.
After high school, she worked for Westland Milk Products and eventually become the first female plant operator at the factory, staying for nine years.
But the pull of police work eventually won and Ms Manson has been with the police for 10 years, based firstly at Greymouth
and for the past six years back in her hometown.
She said the varied nature and the “human element” were the main attractions of the job.
“You don’t know where you’re going to go to when you get up in the morning,” Ms Manson said.
She cited two recent examples of that: the satisfaction of helping with the return of stolen saddles to Westland Riding for the Disabled, which contrasted against dodging kitchen knives thrown at her by an assailant earlier this week.
The job had its “positives and negatives,” she said.
“Obviously, it’s good to be able to help people, because it’s not all about dealing with the bad stuff.”
Ms Manson is currently president of Stumpers Netball, organised Hokitika touch rugby last season, and is involved in basketball.
She said the possibility of further promotion meant Timaru was a good opportunity, but she will miss Hokitika, her sports and the varied opportunity of working in a small police team.