Man swears he’s 'off the booze forever'


A Hokitika man who blew a breath-alcohol reading of 1082mg when clocking up his seventh drink-driving conviction has sworn off the booze forever, the Greymouth District Court heard on Tuesday.
Jarrod Ross Davies, 32, was sentenced to 14 months in prison.
Judge David Saunders noted that Davies had served prison sentences before and the terms of his imprisonment would keep getting longer if he kept offending. Lawyer Eymard Bradley said Davies had learned the error of his ways, wanted to enter a residential alcohol treatment facility and was determined never to drink again.
Judge Saunders said that was a good thing because Davies, who was disqualified from driving indefinitely, would not get his licence back until he “demonstrates a sustained sobriety”.
“You place yourself and other lives at risk by drink-driving. Sooner or later you are going to kill somebody unless you do something about your drinking. You are not the only alcoholic on the West Coast, do something about it.”