Man crashed speeding car with baby on board


A Cobden man who crashed after speeding round a corner too fast with a five-month-old baby on board, was convicted of careless driving at Greymouth District Court on Tuesday.
Samuel Jeffrey McKinley, 23 was banned from driving for nine months, fined $250 and ordered to pay reparation of $1058. He was also convicted of sustained loss of traction.
On August 18, McKinley was reported to police after repeatedly accelerating hard on gravel at the Blaketown tiphead, using his handbrake to skid the car. When he was questioned by police he told them he was “doing handbrakies”.
On August 14, McKinley had been driving with four passengers, one of whom was a five-month-old child. He hit a 65kph bend too fast, tried to use the gears instead of his brakes to slow down, and crashed into a stationary vehicle containing the driver, causing extensive damage to the front right-hand section of the car he hit.
McKinley told police he had been doing 80kph when the crash happened.
Judge Raoul Neave said a driving ban was “absolutely justified” as a matter of road safety.
The judge said that type of driving was for a race-track, not a road. McKinley muttered that he thought that type of driving was for the road.