Judkins bows out

By Nicholas McBride

Robin Judkins arrived at Serpentine beach before dawn today, blowing the hooter to start the Speight’s Coast to Coast two-day race for the last time.
Having sold the franchise for the world-renowned race he created in 1983, Judkins was still as enthusiastic as ever this morning, shaking hands and greeting competitors as they arrived at the beach.
He said he had mixed feelings about leaving the event behind.
“It’s been great the past few weeks, thinking of the stress that will go. But at the same time it’s very sad. Over half my life has been spent on it.”
Judkins was making the most of the occasion today, going through his routine of thanking the crew and personally greeting athletes.
“It’s the last time I’ll shake everyone’s hands.”
After 32 years of running the race, considered to be one of the premier multisport events in the world, Judkins was ready to pass the torch.
“I’m extremely pleased to be able to hand it over.”
He was confident that the new organisers, Queenstown company Trojan Holdings, would take care of his legacy.
“Oh, they know what they’re doing.”
However, Judkins still expects to keep up some involvement, even though he will no longer be in charge of the race.
Despite handing on the baton for the Coast to Coast, he said he would not be slowing down, with a book in the offing, an art exhibition in September and a few other undisclosed things in the on the go.