Generosity makes up for mean theft

By Viv Logie

Police have caught the boy who ripped off the grieving son of drowned Greymouth fisherman Nicholas Eklund, and then went on a spending spree at The Warehouse.
The teenage thief stole the $100 giftcard given to Cameron Eklund by the Runanga Volunteer Fire Brigade as a sympathy gift, and then went shopping before Cameron noticed it was missing. He spent all but $20 of the money.
A Greymouth police spokesman said a 13-year-old boy and his parents had been spoken to about the theft, and the family intended to reimburse Cameron. The light-fingered youth will be dealt with by the police youth aid section.
On a brighter note, Cameron has been inundated with offers from local businesses, including The Warehouse, to replace the stolen card. He has also received a replacement card from the manager of House of Travel in Greymouth, and a $100 Westfield giftcard to use on his next visit to Christchurch.
Today, Cameron’s mother Sherie said her son was “overwhelmed” with the support and kind offers from people to replace the giftcard.
“This is not what we expected to happen at all.”