Farm burglar jailed

District Court

A 29-year-old Reefton man has been jailed for four years and six months for his part in the burglary of five different farms in April last year, as well as a number of drug offences.
Christian Shannon Leylander was one of three men charged with breaking into offices and stealing items from the Shingle Creek, More Cow 1, Kowhai Downs and More Cow 2 farms, in April 2013.
He was also solely charged with offering to sell ecstasy and receiving a $30,000 jetboat knowing that it was stolen. He jointly stole a trailer valued at $2500.
Judge Paul Kellar said in the Greymouth District Court on Tuesday that Leylander had drunk heavily over a period of time, which had eventually moved him to taking methamphetamine (P), which Leylander admitted had “taken over” his life.
Judge Kellar said the man had been in a position of trust at the time of the offending, and he had betrayed that trust. That was a “highly aggravating factor” in the offending.
Leylander had six previous convictions for burglary, 22 for dishonest use of a credit card, six for theft and four for receiving.
James Ashley Findlater, 26, of Westport, who had been working with Leylander at the time of the offending, was also accused of breaking into and stealing from the farms.
Findlater had been scheduled to appear alongside Leylander.However, he was remanded to appear in the Christchurch District Court on July 3 because a pre-sentence report had not been completed yesterday.