Ex-Coast musician touring with Kelly Clarkson

By Christine Linnell

Former Kumara musician Zak Mason will hit the big time in Australia this week as he goes on tour with American pop sensation Kelly Clarkson, Colorado rock band The Fray, and The Voice finalist Sarah De Bono.
Clarkson is one of the hottest female singers in the world since winning the first American Idol in 2002. Her latest album, Stronger, went platinum last week and is her fifth album in nine years. Her Australian tour with The Fray opens in Brisbane tomorrow.
Opening act Sarah De Bono was photographed in Vogue Magazine last month as a rising star in Australia’s music scene. She and Zak Mason are long-time friends who have spent the past year writing music and performing together.
In July, the 2008 Maori head boy from Greymouth High School moved to Sydney to join De Bono in a five-record contract with Universal, with Mason as a songwriter, guitarist and back-up vocalist.