Cobden bowling green revamp

By Ben Aulakh

Cobden Bowling Club members got their hands dirty last week repairing the green after damage from the Easter storm.
Pieces of metal were left embedded in the green, club greenkeeper Stuart Oliver said.
However, a donation had enabled the club to begin $10,000 of repairs to bring the surface back up to playing standard.
A machine planed the soil surface to re-level it, and the excess soil was cleared off.
“Hopefully, when it’s all done we come out with a perfectly level green. I would say there’s going to be about 1000 barrow loads of soil we have got to come off the green,” Oliver said.
The club was hoping to turn muck into brass by selling the topsoil at $25 a trailer load.
Oliver said that once the green was level, a hydro seeder — which mixed grass seed with emulsion and sprayed the mixture on the green — would go over the surface.
“Hopefully, we’ll be playing bowls on here towards the end of November.”
That was six to eight weeks later than the usual playing season, which normally got under way in early October.
As well as mucking in with the work he has also been busy trying to drum up extra workers to help.