Chinese consulate for Kumara

By Brendon McMahon

A foundation stone will be laid on Sunday at a formal ceremony to mark the start of the planned Chinese memorial garden at Kumara.
The function will be attended by the Chinese Consulate-General Madam Tan, and a delegation of government officials from the Guandong province.
The Kumara garden, to be built at the corner of Seddon Street (State highway 73) and the Mitchells-Inchbonnie Road, will complement a memorial garden proposed for Ross, both to commemorate the part Chinese gold diggers from Guandong province played in the West Coast goldrushes.
The gardens will cost more than $200,000 and are expected to be built by the middle of the year.
Project co-ordinator Simon Tam said the ceremony, at 1.30pm on Sunday, was open to the public and a good representation from the Kumara community was expected.
The foundation stone had been donated by Rhodes Monumental Masons, in Greymouth.
Mr Tam said a formal launch for the Ross Chinese memorial had yet to be set. It was to have been held on Monday, in tandem with Kumara, but had been delayed due to time constraints for the visitors.