Better mobile coverage for Blackball


Mobile coverage just got better for residents and visitors to the Blackball area, as Vodafone lights up its newly built cell site under the Government’s rural broadband initiative.
A 30m lattice tower provides service to an estimated 365 households in the Blackball area.
As well as mobile coverage, it provides wireless broadband via a high performance modem, adding a wifi network into the home. Phone calls can also be made through this service by plugging an existing landline phone directly into the modem, removing the need for a landline connection. Customers can port their existing landline number to this new service.
Over the next three years, new towers are planned for Barrytown and Gladstone. Jointly these will provide new mobile coverage and wireless broadband for over 840 homes and businesses.
New towers have already been built at Camerons, Dobson and Moana, which is also the location of Vodafone’s first rural New Zealand 4G trial. Vodafone will also be upgrading its site in outer Greymouth to deliver the wireless broadband service to rural residents.
Business development manager Jake Vargo said the new towers would help cover rural roads.
“This is a massive benefit for farming districts like the West Coast, in dealing with emergencies, transport logistics, road safety and other real life circumstances that have been hampered by limited coverage,” he said.