Ban 1080 candidate drives policy home

The Westport News

A helicopter pilot-turned-election candidate livened up Westport’s meet the candidates forum on Monday night.
Peter Salter, who is standing for the newly-formed Ban 1080 Party, got the most laughs when he said it was not easy to answer policy questions when your party has only one policy. However, he managed to wangle Ban 1080 into most of his answers.
First question: “Given the high proportion of non-rateable land on the West Coast, what would your party do to support local body income in those districts?”
Answer: Open Department of Conservation estate to ground-based possum control. It would create more jobs and encourage more people to stay here.
Next question: “What does your party intend to do to ensure the survival of regional New Zealand?”
Answer: Possum trapping instead of aerial 1080 drops. It would help solve two problems. “We are poisoning our water and sending our kids across the hill to go to school.”
Next question: “How does your party intend to ensure adequate health care and services?”
Answer: “Stop dropping poison on them (Coasters) for a start ... a healthy environment is a healthy community. Poison ain’t healthy.”
Last question: “What is your view on capital gains tax and individual tax rates?”
Answer: Ban 1080 has no tax policy. “I think these other parties are going to tax you enough ... But my personal opinion is if you vote for Ban 1080 you shouldn’t pay any tax at all.”