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Speed limit lowered in central Greymouth

The speed limit across the entire Greymouth CBD will be lowered to 30kph.

House burns to ground

A beeping smoke alarm saved the occupants of an older wooden house in Kumara in the nick of time this morning.

Tyre-slashing accused walks free

The man charged with puncturing the tyres on 44 vehicles in central Greymouth 14 months ago walked free from the Greymouth District Court today after the police withdrew all charges.

Men convicted over theft of half a tonne of copper cabling

Two men at first accused of stealing half a tonne of heavy copper cabling from a coalmining heritage display at Rapahoe, were convicted in the Greymouth District Court last night of receiving.

First whitebait shoals about

After a wet but warm winter, there are signs of an early spring -- and the first whitebait shoals in the rivers.

West Coast to host carbon-free day

In a New Zealand 'first', a carbon-free day -- no cars, no lighting the fire and no computers or cellphones -- is planned on the West Coast to highlight the utility of mining and futility of carbon-free.

$750,000 to dredge Greymouth port

The Government has agreed to a $750,000 grant from the provincial growth fund to allow the Grey District Council to bring in a dredge to clear the silted up Greymouth port.

Where are the volunteers? Coastguard can’t crew its boat

Greymouth Coastguard is so badly undermanned it cannot launch a search and rescue in the event of a mishap, alarming the fishing industry.

Woman admits stealing gold from ex-husband

The jury trial of a Hokitika woman on charges of stealing more than $288,000 worth of gold from her ex-husband's claim took a surprise turn yesterday afternoon when she changed her plea to admit the theft.
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