Laura Mills


How tourists travel for free

Budget travellers can spend three days around Greymouth with wifi, toilets, toilet paper, soap, cold showers and an overnight park -- all without spending...

Reefton, Hokitika racetracks to go

The Greymouth Jockey Club has had a reprieve with the pending shake-up of New Zealand racing, however Hokitika and Reefton are not so lucky...

Regional council wants proof of climate change

Revelations the West Coast Regional Council wants to see more scientific evidence to prove that human-driven climate change is real has caused embarrassment on...

Are free council campsites hitting campgrounds?

Campground owners say the 10 new freedom camping sites established by the Grey and Westland district councils are hurting - if not killing -...

Bank gives way under bus

A charter bus and trailer carrying an American group almost tipped off the road at Fox River yesterday.

Coast FM cleared after Dylan song used ‘n word’

The Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA) has cleared Westport-based Coast FM of airing the 'n word' in a famous Bob Dylan song from the 1970s.

Paparoa Track makes New York Times top 50

It is still under construction and 10 months away from opening, but already the Paparoa Track has made the New York Times list of...

Loader goes up in flames

Fire engulfs a front-end loader at the Stillwater Lumber yard about 5pm yesterday.

5000 enjoy Kumara races

Bright sunshine and first-class racing set the scene for a crowd of 5000 to enjoy a perfect day at Kumara on Saturday, for the...

Weather forecasts infuriate tourism industry

Tourists have been cancelling their trips to the West Coast based on continual rainy forecasts, most of which have not eventuated.
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